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Gen Con 2018 – Demos Done Right

August 16, 2018

So I own GKR (Giant Killer Robots): Heavy Hitters from Weta Workshop. Unfortunately, I haven’t brought it to the game table yet and wanted to get an idea of how it played, so I stopped by Weta’s booth to get a demo.

The folks at Weta know what they are doing.

So you sign up for a demo at a certain time – they even take your phone # to send you a reminder. Based on my experience, when you show up the demos generally start on time. Certain aspects of the demo were setup so that a player could experience the games highlights without sweating the details (card selection, board setup). Victory conditions were scaled back for a quick demo – lasted about an hour. Game was fun and I got a good understanding of the rules and how the game was played. Why don’t other companies do this? I’ve been at demos that are borderline chaos; not at the Weta booth. It certainly helped that the other 3 guys I demoed the game with were friendly and fun to play with. Good job, Weta.

Oh, and the game, GKR: Heavy Hitters, is excellent. Really like that there are other ways to win than just blowing up your opponent. Clean rules with beautifully prepainted robots, this game needs to make it to my gaming table.

GKR Demo

Here is the GKR demo at the Weta Workshop booth.



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