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Random Charts for Pulp Science Fiction Names

June 8, 2015

I’m currently looking at doing a pulp science fiction mini-campaign using one of the rulesets out there (Rocket Age, Cosmic Patrol or even Savage Worlds). One of the things I like to do for any campaign is have a list of names that evokes the setting. For this reason, I have compiled a ‘pseudo retro’ list of science fiction names for a pulp scifi game. Special thanks to Caroline Berg and Jonas over at for their input.

The current names listed come from a number of sources including: pulp science fiction stories, pulp scifi comics from the 1950s, 1950s scifi movies, the names of stellar phenomena, astronauts/cosmonauts, and ‘Golden Age’ scifi authors. Anything that evokes a pulp science fiction setting. This list works best if you roll once or twice on the first name list and once or twice on the last name list for at least 3 name combinations. Here are 2 results I rolled up:

Jack Aries Prometheus
Vonda Antares Barnhardt

Add a title and you have: Captain Jack Aries Prometheus, or just Captain Prometheus, and Doctor Vonda Antares Barnhardt. Both pretty good pulp scifi names in my opinion.

Die Roll Last Name Male First Name Female First Name
1. Aether Ace Alia
2. Allen Adam AlphaBetty
3. Anderson Alexander Altaira
4. Antares Alpha Amelia
5. Armstrong Aries Andromeda
6. Asimov Ashton Anzha
7. Barnhardt Astro Ariana
8. Beam Atlas Astra
9. Bester Basil Astrid
10. Blish Billy-Boy Ayesha
11. Blixseth Bolt Brun
12. Brackett Brett Callisto
13. Bradbury Buck Callistra
14. Burroughs Buzz Carialle
15. Campbell Caesar Carina
16. Carlyle Canis Cassandra
17. Carter Chad Cassiopeia
18. Chandler Clarke Constance
19. Clarke Cliff Dale
20. Clement Clifford Dawn
21. Clive Cody Dejah
22. Comet Comet Delta
23. Corbett Conan Dia
24. Crockett Constantine Domino
25. Dawnstar Corvus Dot
26. De Camp Cyril Dresdemona
27. Del Rey Dakota Earani
28. Dent Damon Estrella
29. Doyle Dash Futura
30. Earhart Deke Gale
31. Enigma Dmitri Gamma
32. Felsmark Dominic Gerry
33. Fifer Draco Helen
34. Finnegan Duncan Helva
35. Flandry Dusk Iluko
36. Frazetta Eric Janet
37. Gersen Erol Janice
38. Grail Flash Jodenny
39. Grim Flint Kate
40. Haggard Frederic Kyra
41. Hammond Fritz Lana
42. Harlin Galen Leigh
43. Hathway Georg Lizra
44. Hawk Glaive Lois
45. Heinlein Glenn Lorelei
46. Herrmann Graf Lucille
47. Holmes Griffin Luna
48. Howard Hal Lyra
49. Jax Horace Maeve
50. Jones Hugh Maida
51. Kazantsev Hugo Marga
52. Lanning Jack Margot
53. Lansing Jacques Maria
54. Leiber Jet Meg
55. Lester John Mieli
56. Levitan Kenton Mysta
57. Merril Kirth Nadine
58. Meteor Lance Nelvana
59. Miller Lars Nika
60. Moore Lazarus Nivara
61. Morningstar Lazer Nova
62. O’Malley Lazlo Penelope
63. Oliver Lester Pica
64. Pohl Lucky Polly
65. Powers Lyon Proxima
66. Prometheus Manfred Raven
67. Quartermain Morbius Rhea
68. Quasar Mycroft Rhiannon
69. Quinn Nelson Sabri
70. Raymond Neville Sally
71. Reith Nikoli Scrumpy
72. Rico Nova Shimmer
73. Rigel Perry Sirantha
74. Savage Phillip Sonya
75. Scheer Piter Starlight
76. Shin Poul Starr
77. Silenus Proteus Stella
78. Slayton Quilan Stellar
79. Smith Ray Su
80. Sprague Reed Tara
81. Starfury Rex Teena
82. Stark Rip Telzey
83. Starskimmer Rock(y) Terese
84. Starstrider Rocket Terra
85. Steele Rod Thisa
86. Tannhauser Ross Thuvia
87. Terwilliger Ryder Trillian
88. Tesla Simeon Ursa
89. Tungsten Skylar Ursula
90. Van Vogt Sol Valentina
91. Vance Speed Vana
92. Vega Spike Vara
93. Vinge Striker Vela
94. Volt Tarrano Virgo
95. Wentworth Ulysses Vonda
96. West Wiggin Wilma
97. Wilhelm Wulf Xina
98. Wyndham Yuri Zap
99. Zelas Zatar Zenith
00. Zodiac Ziller Zeta

Characters can choose a title, though any such title should match the character they have chosen. Titles include the following:

Aethernaut. Astropilot, Astronaut, Cosmonaut, Baron, Doc, Doctor, Ensign, Lord/Lady, Madame, Prince/Princess, Professor, Captain, Commander

Let me know if you have any other names you think I should add.

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  1. June 9, 2015 3:42 pm

    Well, I’m Aethernaut Jack Smith (80,52).

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