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Pegana – Races

September 1, 2018

So I was looking over Pegana again as my next campaign world. In the pulp world of Pegana, traditional fantasy races simply seem out of place. I had thought about a human only world where differences are determined by culture – like Howard’s Hyborea – but I think players want more than that. With this in mind, here is a rough draft for a couple of sample races I’m currently working on for Pegana. Let me know what you think:


+1 Agility, +1 Strength, -1 Intellect, -1 Presence

Description: Descended from chimpanzees (which no longer exist on Pegana), chimps are an intelligent race of monkey folk. Chimps are originally from southern part of the continent of Mu Thulan, but over time many have migrated to other parts of Pegana. They normally congregate in their own neighborhoods and villages and are organized into clans. Clan leaders are hereditary and are usually known as a ‘bosses’. Chimp family life is patriarchal with the eldest sons playing a dominant role. For this reason, it is quite common for younger members of the clan, both male and female, to go out into the world and find their fortune.

Chimps have a reputation as hard workers who are known as expert woodworkers and stonemasons. In some towns they also have an unsavory and generally undeserved reputation as burglars and thieves due to their superior climbing abilities.

One vice that almost all chimps indulge in are cigars. It is a rare chimp indeed who does not indulge in a good stogie from time to time. The best tobacco farmers are invariably chimps, and they are responsible for most of the ‘smoke leaf’ that is grown in the Five Realms.

For weapons, they tend to prefer a blunderbuss and a sort of heavy iron mace.


+1 Fortitude, +1 Intellect, -1 Agility, -2 Presence

Traits: Dark Dreams trait, Strange Look trait

Skills: Swim +3, Occult Knowledge +2

Description: Deep Spawn are what scholars have named Human-Deep One offspring. These creatures are bred to perpetuate the Deep One race, creating a race of servants and willing slaves. While most embrace their birthright, many reject it attempting to live a somewhat normal life. Still, a Deep Spawn cannot rid himself of the blood of his kin. Many have visions – often horrific – of life under the sea. Not a few go mad.

There are only a few villages of Deep Spawn in all of Pegana and few outsiders know of their existence. Most of these communities are in the thrall of the Deep Ones. Those Deep Spawn who have rejected their birthright live as exiles in towns and villages often far from the sea.

Most have minor physical deformities related to their birthright. These deformities tend to develop after puberty and become more pronounced as the Deep Spawn gets older. Eyes tend to goggle out, skin becomes scaly and flaky; eventually, slits appear on their throats.

The wizard Veldros Margesti poured a glass of wine and looked at his guest. Across from him sat the scholar Argu Meldross. They had been friends once, before Argu’s strange affliction drove him into hiding. Now he was coming to Veldros for help, confiding in his old friend his heritage as a Deep One half-breed. Veldros was fascinated. He had heard rumors of the Deep Ones and their Deep Spawn progeny but thought they were bogie stories made up by drunken sailors. That they were real and that he actually knew a Deep Spawn only served to awaken his natural curiosity. He said to Argu, “I must say, I am surprised that you do not follow your fishy forbearers under the sea. From what you’ve told me your kind is fed and cared for, your needs are attended to, you live for hundreds if not thousands of years…why do you stay in your mean hovel away from the sea.” Argu fixed Veldros with a goggled eye stare that made the wizard strangely uncomfortable, “It is true that we live for a long while under the waves, but we live as slaves at the beck and call of our progenitors. Often we wind up on the altar of sacrifice. And there are other ‘things’ that make living with our kin folk a terrible choice.” Argu looked away from Veldros and said in a whisper “Magician, have you ever seen a Shoggoth?”

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  1. September 2, 2018 10:14 am

    Interesting. I like games with just human cultures and right now in D&D we’re all human even with the wide variety of choices.

    I don’t know if any of us would play a Deep Spawn?

    The Chimps… my first thought is: does it fit with the tone you want? Other than that, I could see someone going for it.

  2. September 2, 2018 12:21 pm

    Yeah, I thought about the current party being all human, but that’s at least partly because 5E makes it so advantageous to be a human, imho. In the D&D game at work, out of 6 players only 2 are human.

    I plan on making the Deep Spawn resistant to the negative effects of spellcasting, so they would interesting spellcasters at the very least. This is all sort of ‘nebulous’ though.

    As for chimps, it’s a good question. I definitely don’t want them to be comical. We’ll see.


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