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Adventure So Far…

January 8, 2016

Below is a synopsis of our group’s first DCC adventure which is based on the Goodman Games funnel adventure ‘Sailors on the Starless Sea’. We will be playing Part 2 tomorrow: 

You are all either from the village of Draycott or from farms and homesteads nearby. Around two weeks ago, people from the area began disappearing. First it was the tinker, Milliken, who set out one day and never returned. Then two families that lived on the edge of the Wetzel Wood were attacked and carried off – only a young girl escaped to tell the tale. She told of beasts who walked like men had come in the night and had taken her family to the west. Other abductions followed, the creatures hitting where they were least expected. Shepherds disappeared, farm families were taken away. Those who followed the trail whispered with dread that the creatures always headed toward the fortress known as Thrax Castle, an ancient ruin 5 miles west of Draycott. The old castle was the source of an ancient fear and was known to be haunted.

A delegation of villagers from Draycott went to the town of Lyndhurst to seek help from the Royal Garrison, but they were overdue. The prior evening saw the worst raid yet with villagers and farm families both being taken during the night. You had enough. You and your comrades set off to Thrax Castle to destroy the men that walk like beasts and rescue your fellow villagers.

Before the gates of Thrax, the party was attacked by two horrid zombies who killed one of their number before they were destroyed. The group was then able to storm the gates and make it to the courtyard where they proceeded to bash down the door to the main tower. Waiting inside were the ‘beasts that walked like men’. A furious battle ensued and several of the party fell before three beastmen were killed including their leader, a horned brute who had killed one member of the party before being dispatched. Once he fell, the beastmen broke and fled down the steps leading north. Exploring a corridor off the main tower, several party members were able to rescue the farm girl, Morwenna, and slay a large spider that had ensnared her.

In the strange, smoldering chapel an unholy guardian killed another member of the party.

Now the characters are back in the foul smelling tower. Before them are steps leading down, steps that lead to their missing kin and neighbors, steps that very well may lead to their doom.

What You Know

  1. Castle Thrax is over 200 years old. It was built by two robber knights – brothers – who were said to be the dark paladins of a demonic god. They ravaged the lands around Castle Thrax until they were destroyed by an army from Veluna.
  2. While the keep fell to the armies of Veluna, they did not eradicate its fell legacy. Evil still festers within the ruined walls, awaiting the day when it can emerge once more.
  3. Based on evidence found in the tower, some of the kidnapped villagers have been turned into beastmen.
  4. Beware the well! It has swallowed many a poor soul.
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