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Weird War II – Common Knowledge

February 26, 2015

In my Weird War II campaign, characters are members of OSI. As such, it is assumed they know the following information:

What you know:

OSI (Office of Special Investigations): The OSI is a secret organization that has been tasked with battling supernatural threats conjured or created by Axis operatives. Members are chosen from the military and must have had some sort of confrontation or experience with the supernatural. OSI is a joint American and British organization.

You are a member of OSI.

Ancourt Disaster: On August 9th, 1942 the Allies raided the French port town of Dieppe on the Normandy Coast. The raid had a number of official objectives including seizing and holding a major port for a short period, both to prove that it was possible and to gather intelligence. The raid had the added objectives of boosting morale and demonstrating the firm commitment of the western Allies to open a front in Western Europe. Unofficially, the Dieppe Raid was meant to be a diversion so that MI13 units could attack and destroy the Ancourt Installation, a series of bunkers used by SS Sonderkommando H which was located 10 miles southeast of Dieppe.

Like the Dieppe Raid, the raid on Ancourt was a complete debacle, with a high number of casualties and almost none of its objectives met. Losses from the Ancourt raid have seriously hampered efforts to stop Nazi arcane activities.

American Soldier

Extra-Temporal Pamphlets (ETPs): Pamphlets containing incantations and wards. They are basically spell scrolls, though you’ll never hear an OSI member refer to them as such. These pamphlets are usually contained in steel bound portfolios and are normally only a couple of pages long. Incantations used by OSI tend to be subtle and are mostly for protection from supernatural forces.

All pamphlets are handwritten by specially trained individuals using unusual inks and materials. One cannot just type up a spell on a typewriter.

MI13 (Section M): The British equivalent of OSI. Already well established before America’s entry into the war, elements of Section M resisted the idea of integrating with the American dominated OSI. However, after the Ancourt disaster (see above), most remaining Section M assets were integrated with OSI.

Sonderkommando H (Special Unit H): Unit of the SS concerned with magic and the arcane, the H stands for ‘hexen’ German for ‘witch’. The so-called rune mages are members of this unit. OSI agents are under orders to kill all members of Sonderkommando H that are encountered unless commanded to do otherwise.

Special Procurement Operative (SPO): An OSI operative who is designated an SPO is the individual responsible for “procuring” the powers contained in extra-temporal pamphlets that are carried on a mission. Within OSI, SPO’s are generally referred to as scholars or the more derogatory term, willy. (Probably originated from the term ‘willies’ as in ‘That guy gives me the willies!’)

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