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Games I Want to Run

January 13, 2015

Around April of 2014 I brought my original Aspects of Fantasy campaign to an end. For a variety of reasons I’ve not run a game since. Now I’m ready to run something new, be it a new Aspects of Fantasy campaign or something else. Here’s what I’m interested in:

Weird War II – I’m in the mood for something different – something a little outside my comfort zone – and this is what I’m interested in running right now. The characters will be part of a diverse Allied unit specializing in eliminating supernatural Axis terrors. At the most, it will probably be a mini-campaign. Influences include Hellboy and BPRD, plus I’ve always been fascinated by WWII. I’ll be using Savage Worlds Weird War II setting. We’ll see how it goes.

Pegana Campaign – This is my next Aspects of Fantasy campaign heavily influenced by pulp stories and games (see my previous post). I’ll be using Aspects of Fantasy, but there will be some changes. These changes include: different player races, tweaking the magic system to make it less ‘flashy’, and I’ll be introducing firearms.

D&D 5E  – While I’ve gotten away from D&D over the last couple of years (I hated 4E and was burned out on 3.5/Pathfinder) I like the new edition of the game, at least what I’ve read so far. I’ve bought the 3 books (Players Handbook, Monster Manual, and DMs Guide). I may just run it straight – something I rarely do – and see how it goes. This will also give me a chance to get my Pegana Campaign ready.


Dungeon Crawl Classic (DCC) – This is Goodman Games pulp dungeoncrawl rpg. We did a quick playtest of this game and I really enjoyed running it. Even better, the players enjoyed playing it. I may run this game if I decide I want to run a ‘dungeoncrawl’ type game besides D&D. Plus, I’ve published a supplement for the game which has done fairly well (Alternate Occupations), maybe I should actually play the game. 🙂

One Ring – My friend Bruce ran this game for a couple of sessions until he tired of waiting on Cubicle 7 to come out with promised material and gave up  on it. However, I really enjoyed the game and was sorry that Bruce stopped running it. Since then, Cubicle 7 has gotten somewhat better about getting out product. (Though their release schedule is still pathetic and it seems to take forever for C7 to get physical product released.)

I’ve been picking up everything that comes out for the game and have found the material produced for One Ring to be very good. It’s easily the best Middle Earth rpg ever created, imho. That said, there are a number of other games I would rather run right now, so One Ring gets pushed to the side – at least for now.

Science Fiction – I haven’t run a Science Fiction campaign in over 20 years. Back in the 1980s I ran a couple of science fiction campaigns using FGU’s Space Opera. In the early 90s I ran a Cyberpunk campaign. Since then, I’ve always wanted to run a science-fiction campaign but no system has really appealed to me. However, some new systems have come along recently that I’m interested in. These include: Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion, Thousand Suns, and even FFG’s Star Wars.

So many games, so little time. 🙂

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  1. January 16, 2015 11:28 am

    As I’ve told you, they all sound acceptable to me… 🙂

    I hope you find “the one” that captures your attention. I know how hard that is when multiple things are circling your brain.

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