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Map of my Campaign World

June 28, 2014

Shown below is a map of  the continent of Enzopea. I’ve been using variations of this map for the last 30+ years for my various fantasy rpg campaigns (including my most recent  Aspects of Fantasy campaign). I thoroughly enjoy ‘world-building’ and consider it one of the benefits of being a DM/GM.

Map of Enzopea

Map of Enzopea

Unfortunately, I lost the Photoshop version of this file four years ago when I had multiple hard-drives crash within a month of each other. First the back-up went, then the main drive a couple of weeks later. I had luckily backed up almost everything – but not the map. It’s unfortunate because the world is ready for an expansion, plus there are some design items I would like to change. Oh well, maybe when I get the time…

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