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Design Review: Random Aspects for D20 Players

January 28, 2014

(Cross posted from the Kickstarter)

While playtesting Aspects of Fantasy, one issue we ran into was getting D20 players to come up with aspects for their characters. In Aspects of Fantasy, your player starts out with 3 aspects. Players unfamiliar with Fate usually came up with one aspect, but often struggled with the last two. For this reason, we came up with the ‘Random Aspect Table’. This table has 100 aspects listed, players simply roll a D100 to see what aspect they come up with. Oftentimes players would roll multiple times to get an aspect they liked – which was okay. We even had veteran players roll on the table and take an aspect for the fun of it.

This table is included in the game. Some of the aspects are even written up to show how they can be invoked and compelled. The table is shown below:



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