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Design Review: Looking over the Nightgaunt

January 22, 2014

The monster below is a Nightgaunt, a fiendish horror from the Cthulhu Mythos, and its write-up is taken from the creature section in Aspects of Fantasy. There are a couple items on this page that may be of some interest:

  • Like characters, creatures have Primary and Secondary Attributes. Primary attributes are generally a creature’s level + requisite modifier, secondary attributes are 1/2 a creature’s level + requisite modifier. Attributes are used for saving throws, as well as for certain combat derived abilities and opposed attribute contests.
  • Creatures have a default set of aspects, though the GM is encouraged to come up with his own to make a creature more unique.
  • Like player characters, the GM gets fate points to invoke aspects and power certain traits.
  • Player characters can also compel a creature’s aspects to their benefit if they so desire. They can do this if: they are familiar with the creature in some way, they are willing to spend a fate point, and the GM agrees to the compel.
  • Movement is in Areas. So, a nightgaunt can move 2 Areas on the ground during a round or 4 Areas while flyimg.

Invoking and compelling creature aspects and using special traits – all of which is limited and controlled through fate points – makes creature interaction and D20 combat very dynamic.


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