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August 11, 2013

This is the week of Gen Con so I thought it would be a good time to dust off this blog and start writing again.

First off, an update on ‘Aspects of Fantasy’. I’m close, real close, to being done. Here’s what I still have to complete:

1. Creature section: Want 10 monsters created, have 5 completed and there are some notes on conversion. This will be expanded for the final version of the game, but I initially just want 10 creatures to give folks an idea on how monsters should be set up in the game.
2. Clean-up items: Check spell lists (which are out of sync), make sure credits section is OSR compliant (most of this is done), make sure I credit clipart artists, and some other tweaks.
3. Written portion of the Kickstarter project – this is about half done
4. Create Kickstarter presentation. This I haven’t started yet and is the last ‘big thing’
5. Create a B/W version and ‘B/W printer friendly’ version of the game.
The plan is to release this as a Kickstarter a week after Gen Con. More on that tomorrow.
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