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Overview: Strange Reflections

November 15, 2012

Here’s a quick overview of what happened in our last session way back in September…

After a several adventures in Thissel Valley, characters make their way to the town of Westcrown, the so-called ‘City of Twilight’ and the largest town in northern Brennland. Here’s a description:

Perched between the slow moving Valadurn River and the blue waters of Lake Faewasser, Westcrown the City of Twilight comes into view. The largest town in this part of the world, Westcrown harbors around 30,000 souls. Tall spires and gabled roofs crowd together and peek out over the high stone walls that surround the bustling town.

Characters have traveled to the town for a variety of reasons:

  • The entire party is looking for information concerning a knight. The party found a knight’s possessions in the lair of a hob with evidence pointing to the knight’s untimely demise. The hope is that there might be a reward for confirmation of the knight’s fate.
  • Fearghus wishes to make a claim on a substantial bounty.
  • Glyn is mainly in Westcrown to talk with an old associate that is in his debt, a scholar by the name of Melidar Narwik. Glyn is confident that Melidar can shed some light on the strange happenings occurring in the Thissel Valley. He’s also somewhat curious about the whereabouts of a young man by the name of Velder Alikson. Months prior, Velder was traveling to Westcrown from Briar Hill. Upon hearing this, Glyn had given the man gold for the purpose of contacting Melidar. Velder never returned and has not been heard from since.
  • Arkath is interested in acquiring some spell components and other wondrous items to enhance his enchantments.
  • Grimstad is in Westcrown because his companions wanted to travel to the city and he doesn’t have any better offers.
  • Degno is primarily in Westcrown because he wants to have a masterwork heavy crossbow repaired.

Characters do receive a reward concerning the missing knight.

They party visits Melidar. They tell Melidar about rumours concerning the Queen of Thorns, evidence of goblins and hobs being paid to murder and pillage, and they talk about their strange encounters at Trollsfell Hill and the Sealed Citadel. Melidar has heard rumors concerning much of what the characters have told him and seems troubled. He promises to find out information and asks the characters to come back in 3 days.

They then investigate the disappearance of Velder and are surprised to find out that Velder has been spotted in the Lowgate section of town on numerous occasions. Curious, the characters walk to Lowgate the next day inquiring about Velder. Seemingly by happenstance they spot Velder on the street. He seems to spot them as well and runs, attempting to lure the party into a well-planned ambush by members of a street gang known as the Northwall Goons. However, the characters are forewarned by Arkath’s owl familiar. With the help of a Sleep spell by Arkath and a little intimidation by the rest of the party the Goons withdrew. The characters see Velder go into an abandoned tenement, soon after Fearghus encounters a slatternly woman leaving the building. The characters rush the tenement but find no sign of Velder.

Characters do some prying and investigating, even talking with some of the Goons who reveal they were hired by Velder. Fearghus goes off on his own and finds out that Velder is generally seen either coming from or going to an area known as North Bank which is next to the Lowgate district. This is a decrepit neighborhood of old warehouses in the northern section of Westcrown along the bank of the Valadurn River. He walks through the area but finds no sign of Velder.

That night characters are in the Black Boar, a local Inn where they are staying while in Westcrown. Early on, Fearghus heads to his room for a night’s sleep. Five minutes later Fearghus is seen by the rest of the party calmly walking back into the taproom, he then casually steps behind the bar, pulls out a long dagger and proceeds to calmly stab the innkeeper in the back! He then quickly runs back up the stairs as pandemonium breaks out. The rest of the party find themselves immediately under suspicion as the 15 bar patrons grab the nearest weapon and approach the characters. Soon after a richly attired burgher enters the taproom and begins calling for the characters’ arrest and Fearghus’s head. Arkath throws spells and Glynn tries to calm the crowd. Grimstad and Degno used more physical methods to control the crowd. Growing suspicious of the rich burgher and realizing a number of coincidences, the characters attempt to subdue the burgher. This degenerates into a melee and the burgher goes down. As soon the burgher fell he began a horrid change. His face seemed to shift and melt. What was seemingly a simple human man had become a horrid emaciated creature, its skin a mottled blue grey. It had a mouth and elf-like pointed ears; but the rest of its face was horridly made up of wrinkled and folded skin with seemingly no eyes nor nose. The shocked characters and tavern patrons immediately stopped fighting. On the creature they found a pouch containing some gold and silver, and a strange brass key. The key’s head bore a unique design of a ship being pulled underwater by a huge octopus (probably a kraken). Fearghus recognizes the design as one he saw on a warehouse in the North Bank. Arkath believes the creature to be a changeling, also called a doppelganger, a type of svart alfar (dark elf) thought to be a myth.

With Fearghus leading the way, the character’s journey to the warehouse. To be continued…

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