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Svart Alfar

September 7, 2012

The Svart Alfar are elves who have been tainted, or have embraced, the Shadow (which elves call the Song of the Void). Many were sired by the Dark Shee in their war against their Shee kin. Initially, all Svart Alfar are fair like the rest of their elven kin. However, as the years go by, their appearance changes to match both their dark surroundings and evil nature. A Svart Alfar that has embraced the Shadow for less than a century is generally still fair to look upon, though there is usually a subtle taint, their eyes appear catlike or their teeth seem overly long and pointed. Those that have been tainted for hundreds of years can be true horrors, their evil nature causing their physical forms to change and transform until they are hideous and grotesque monsters. The Harpy and Childer of Gorroth Hallow shown below are examples of these older, tainted Svart Alfar.

Svart Alfar tend to dwell in black grottos, shadow filled caves, and haunted ruins. Those sired by the Dark Shee are sometimes interred with their dark masters – locked in eternal sleep until a foolish explorer or greedy tomb robber disturbs their crypt. Others have made their way to the Middle Marches, where they serve the Unseelie Court. Sometimes, on moonless nights or during strong storms, the Svart Alfar leave their dark lairs and prey on mortals. Though the Svart Alfar are rarely seen, the lands around their lairs gain sinister reputations.

Below are examples of Svart Alfar.

  • Harpies are believed to be ancient Svart Alfar that were changed and twisted by an evil curse.
  • The Childer of Gorroth Hallow are progeny of the Dark Shee that long ago took refuge in a valley dominated by a Nim Spider.
  • The Shadowkith is an elf who has recently embraced the Shadow.
  • The Wyrmguard is an elf of Nor Valon who recently joined the dragon worshipers of the Theocracy of Myrkhani.
  • The Unseelie Warlock is an elven mage who has joined the Unseelie Court.
  • The inimical Thorn Dryads that dwell deep in the Whisperwood have been identified as Svart Alfar.

(The art is taken from a number of sources, the Warlock and the Wyrmguard are from Paizo’s site, the Shadowkith is copyright Karem Beyit, and the rest are from various online images and concept art.)

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