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Yesterday’s Session – Game Rule Discussion

May 27, 2012

Joe, Bruce, Gary, Jeramie and I met yesterday for another game of Aspects of Fantasy. I think everyone had a good time (I know I did). Thanks to everyone there for some great rules feedback. Issues discussed:

The whole Hold/React issue was discussed as D2o doesn’t really take into account getting ‘the drop’ on an opponent. I had added a rule that allows those with ranged weapons to add their ranged skill to their first initiative score on the first round but, in conjunction with Hold/React, this all gets muddled. In fact, the more I think about it, the less that rule makes sense on its own.

As an alternative, I’m add something called an ‘Ambush Round’. This is like a ‘Surprise Round’ except the opponent knows something is wrong and is not surprised, hence they can still act; however, the ambushers all get to go first. The next round, actual initiative is rolled. For example, a party enters an ancient part of a dungeon which contains the lair of a troll. The troll hears the party from several ‘Areas’ away and decides to simply bellow and charge towards the source of the noise. The members of the party hear the troll and have time to find cover and prepare for battle. As the troll enters, members of the party with ranged weapons let loose, the magic user releases a spell, and the fighter attacks with his axe all before the troll gets to react; unfortunately for the party,  the troll survives the initial onslaught and gets to make its attacks. The next round, the troll and party members roll initiative as normal.

As a separate issue, I may give those party members armed with ranged weapons that they are ready to use (arrows are knocked, bolts are loaded, throwing axes are in hand, etc.) an initiative modifier of +10 for the first round only and only if they elect to use their ranged weapon.

Bruce’s suggestion that the Weapon Focus trait be more generic was an excellent suggestion, here’s the new trait:

Weapon Focus

You are very fond of one type of weapon. You practice and fight with it incessantly

Benefit: This ability allows you to choose one weapon with which you are more proficient than all others. All weapons are eligible, including ranged weapons. This trait provides a +1 bonus to hit and a +1 bonus to damage with that particular weapon. This trait can be taken multiple times, each time for a different weapon.

The weapon used for the Weapon Focus trait can be changed. When a character with this trait goes up in level he may decide to switch weapon focus from one weapon to another. Once this choice is made, the prior weapon loses its bonuses (due to lack of practice) while the new weapon receives the bonuses.

This change can only be made when a character levels up and should never happen ‘in game’ during an adventure

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