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Dwimmermount Excursion

March 18, 2012

James Maliszewski, the man behind the popular blog Grognardia, has been running demos of his Dwimmermount Campaign using Google+. I was happy to be picked to play a run through Friday night and found the whole experience to be a lot of fun. Here’s my overview.

After some initial technical issues we got down to gaming. The ruleset used was Labyrinth Lord, a popular D&D retro-clone. James had us roll up 2nd level characters using straight 3d6 and rolling our stats in order. We all had max hit points for first level while we rolled for our 2nd level hit points (I rolled a friggin’ 1 for my second level hit points). With Con modifiers, my hit point total was 11. My highest stat was a 14 Wisdom, my lowest was an 8 Charisma.

There were three of us playing, myself, Keith, and Josh with James running. I played a dwarf named Alrik Mazrit, Keith played a human fighter named Aethelstan the Fair (his highest stat was a 17 Charisma, hence the name), and Josh played a human wizard, Luther of Clearwater (the Orcslayer).

We started at the second level of Dwimmermount (making it through the first level unscathed but with no treasure ;-)). Our excursion into the second level is illustrated in the map below. This can be clicked on to get a bigger map that you should actually be able to read.

We had three battles with groups of orcs. The first was in the “Throne Room” where we rushed in and found 6 orcs. Combat ensued. Luther managed to successfully use a Charm spell on the chief sitting on his ‘throne’ while also taking out another orc with a Magic Missile. Alrik and Aethelstan fought and took down the other four. Alrik, now noticing a couple of dwarf heads on spikes on the throne, went behind the charmed chief and put his axe in the orc’s head.

The party then proceeded north and into another room where orcs were now waiting for us. As soon as Alrik opened the door he was fired upon (and hit once ) by crossbow wielding orcs. The party quickly beat a hasty retreat. Aethelstan, noticing the orcs being particularly incensed by the presence of the dwarf, pulled Luther around a corner in the throne room while Alrik continued toward the hallway. The orcs followed Alrik and were, in turn, waylaid by the wizard and the fighter. Alrik, hearing the commotion, spun around and attacked from the front. The orcs were dispatched in short order, Luther showing some skill with a blade! (We soon started referring to Luther as “the Orcslayer”.) However, Alrik now had 3 wounds and was feeling fatigued.

The last encounter with orcs was in the room marked on the map as the Old Barracks. Alrik heard orcs in the room and the party proceeded to rush in. Some orcs were brought low, but then Alrik went down from a blow by a large ‘boss’ orc. The rest of the battle had Luther pulling the dwarf out of the room while Aethelstan successfully engaged in a rearguard action in which he was able to kill the last 2 orcs. James ruled that Alrik was still (barely) alive but unconscious (I was at -3). But both Aethelstan and Luther were pretty banged up. So, with Alrik between them, they beat a hasty retreat out of Dwimmermount…

I’m emphasizing combat, but what I really liked about the portion of Dwimmermount we were in was what was in the ’empty’ rooms – clues and hints to nefarious activities that went on long ago in Dwimmermount and that might be starting up again…(?)

Gaming on Google+
Another comment directed at my gaming group is gaming on Google+. Google+ is basically like Skype except where Skype charges you for having multiple users on at the same time, Google+ does not. While it certainly doesn’t equal getting together and playing, we could certainly run some weekday sessions on Google+ if we want to. We could also get Joe M. involved (well, once he is out of Nigeria and back in the Netherlands.) We can talk further about this at our next game session.

Thanks again to James for inviting me to play and running the game. Also thanks Josh and Keith, you guys were a lot of fun to game with.

Dwimmermount - Small Map

8 Comments leave one →
  1. Roger permalink
    March 19, 2012 12:51 pm

    Love the map!

  2. Brock permalink
    March 19, 2012 1:11 pm

    What did you make the map with?

    • March 19, 2012 1:17 pm

      I made the map with, of all things, Visio 2010. I really like that program for gaming. It makes nice ‘dungeon’ maps very quickly; it’s also good for creating custom character sheets.

  3. Keith permalink
    March 19, 2012 2:08 pm

    Lot’s of fun! Looking forward to the next expedition!

  4. March 19, 2012 9:57 pm

    Nice writeup! Definitely a fun session.

  5. March 24, 2012 10:20 pm

    Wow…. Okay, I see what happens when I go on vacation… 😐

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