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Ogre Under the Hill – Entering the Lair

February 24, 2012

Here’s an outline of the rest of the adventure from last session:

Character’s meet with and befriend Tarik. He tells them the following:

Aye, I know Trollsfell Hill though I’ve only been in there once and then with two arms. Four of us went in, only I came out.

I still keep my eye on the place though. Never trusted that ogre and told the reeve as much. Malken Endercott reckoned himself clever though and it cost him.

The caves under the hill are fairly extensive.

 A few years back I recall seeing smoke come out of the top of the hill. Perhaps there is a way into the cave through there.”

 I also found a small cave entrance to the west of the hill back when I scouted the place for our band of troll killers. We decided not to use it because the way was narrow and we were concerned we would get lost in the caves. The cave headed directly towards the hillside though; perhaps it’s a possible back entrance to the ogre’s lair.

After taking leave 0f Tarik, the party headed to Trollsfell Hill with the idea of finding and scouting out the small cave. They found it fairly quickly and decided to explore.

After passing through a bat filled cave, its floor covered in quano, they find a low-ceilinged chamber about 35 feet in diameter with a massive spider web and the curled up,  dessicated body of a man wearing leather armor and a blue cloak. Arketh’s ” Loot!” aspect is compelled and he runs over to the body. From a side tunnel across the ceiling skittered a dog sized spider and combat ensued – the spider was quickly dispatched.

The body not only contained treasure, it turned out to be Valden Miir, the fugitive Ferghus was looking for!

Hoping this bit of luck is a good omen, the characters travel down several more abandoned caves and tunnels when they find a worked cave branching off and heading south. They explore and find a small chamber that contains a stone door. Carved into the door’s surface were two sets of writing. The first set had been chiseled away but Arkath could still make out individual dwarf runes. The second was in Brennish and was written in crudely carved common letters, it read:

“Here lies Otho the Bandit King, Enemy to Friend and Foe Alike. May He Lie Behind This Door Forever.”

The characters forced the door and started looting the tomb but were quickly confronted by an angry ghoul that burst from the sarcophagus. Combat ensued. The party took some damage but were ultimately successful in dispatching the fiend.

The characters continued their journey through the caverns until they seemingly came to a dead end. However, Grimstad heard voices from behind a large stone. He moved the stone revealing a small entrance to what appeared to be a storage chamber in the caves occupied by the Gorst the ogre. The way was blocked by a crate; the voices were identified as orc but sounded like they were not in the storage chamber. Ferghus decided to move the crate and promptly came face to face with the ogre’s pet wolf/mongrel. He slashed the beast who went running to its master. Based on the shouted conversation afterward, the ogre seemingly blamed the orcs for his pet’s injury. Seeing their opportunity, the characters made their way into the storage chamber and headed towards the room where they heard the ogre…

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  1. Joe Moses permalink
    February 26, 2012 2:55 pm

    Absolutely love the play-by-play.

  2. February 26, 2012 3:27 pm

    I’ll definitely try and do this more! It’s a good way to keep track of what’s gone on in the campaign. The only issue is it takes me a while to write these up.

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