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Buy List – December Addition

December 3, 2011

This is a list of gaming items that I’m interested in picking up:

Kindle Touch – Not a game item per se, but I may use it to read all sorts of gaming related material so I’ve included it. I’ve really debated between getting a Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire but I really want something with eInk technology. As a laptop owner, the Kindle Fire is simply a luxury item that will get little use by me.

The One Ring (Lord of the Rings RPG) -This is now at the top of my buy list. I like a lot of what I’m hearing and what I’ve seen concerning this game. Bruce is even talking about running!
Picked it up. Bruce has been running One Ring for our group over the past couple of meetings. I really like the game, it does a great job of bringing Tolkien’s work to life, or at least making Tolkien’s world a place where you can roleplay!   Bruce’s review of the game is here:

Gamma World Supplement: Famine in Far-go – I really want to do something with the new version of Gamma World someday. I was reading what was in this first supplement and have decided to pick it up.
Picked this up. While Gamma World definitely has sandbox potential, Famine in Far-go is fairly setting specific, a place where you fight mutants, aliens, and giant humanoid chickens. Watiaminute. What!? Yeah, a little too “off the wall” for me, though some of the character variants work pretty well for a general sandbox Gamma World game.

D&D Miniatures – There are still around 5 that I want. These are: Valenar Nomad, Mounted Paladin, Bone Naga, Sahuagin Baron, and the first Chimera.

Pathfinder Miniatures – Being a prepaints whore, I plan on picking up some of these.

Seventh Sea – looking for the core rulebook of this game, but on the cheap.

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