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About GenCon 2011 – the Good, Part 2

August 12, 2011

Bargains – Went by the Steve Jackson Games booth and picked up 3 books for all of $10. Two GURPs sourcebooks – Religions and Supernatural Threats (title?) – plus a WOTC 3.5 hardback adventure that really looks solid. For roughly $3.30 these were some pretty good bargains!

Book of Maps – I’m a map whore, I love well done maps of any sort. Jared Blando, an artist who has done a bunch of Paizo’s maps, had a booth and was selling a book of full color maps. $25 might have been a little steep for what I got but the maps are beautiful and will definitely be getting some use so I was very happy with the purchase.

You can check out Jared’s work here:

Ran My First Con Game – Okay, I’ve been running games for years, have been going to cons off and on for the same amount of time. However, I’ve never run a game at a con until this year’s GenCon. I’ve just always been nervous about running a game with total strangers and I’m always worried about dealing with a certain disruptive ‘element’ – you know, THAT guy who no one will normally game with due to certain ‘behavioral issues’. It didn’t help that the day before I was in a game that had THAT guy. Adding to my concerns was the absolute cluster of a morning I had (more about that later). I almost canceled but luckily found a computer with internet access and a printer so I could at least run the adventure. Anyway, I’m not sure how much the players enjoyed it, but I had a blast running the game. All of the players showed and all were engaged and were great. Also got some good feedback on the d20 system I was running. I definitely plan on running a game next year and I regret not doing it years earlier.

Paizo – Stopped by and gave them some of my business, picked up the NPC Portrait cards. Paizo’s booth was packed all during the con. Their success has just been amazing, though well deserved. They put out some great products. Two guys we game with, Jeremy and Steve, are big 4E fans but ran through a demo of Pathfinder and are pushing for me to run it.

The One Ring – This is the new Lord of the Rings roleplaying game. Talked to the main developer/author who gave us an overview of the game. There are some great ideas in the game and, overall, it really looked interesting. The game itself is beautiful to look at. I don’t think Tolkien’s world necessarily translates very well to a roleplaying game but this might change my mind. Didn’t pick up at the con, but it is now on my buy list.

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  1. Mike Mossbarger permalink
    August 21, 2011 2:09 am

    and here I would have thought you had run a game at a Con at some point… friends and I ran the AD&D Open at GenCon in Milwaukee for several years. If I remember correctly, I’m the only guy to score a 0 for his Judge’s Score. Had a group of mediocre players try to get into an invisible tower that had only one entrance: on the top. They never once mentioned climbing up to see if there was a flat surface…..the more I said “no”, the madder they got…..Also ran an adventure of my own creation….went really well.

  2. Mike Mossbarger permalink
    August 21, 2011 2:11 am

    BTW…been playing Pathfinder for a couple years now….I highly recommend it

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