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June 12, 2011

Buy list::

The One Ring (Lord of the Rings RPG) -This is now at the top of my buy list. I like a lot of what I’m hearing and what I’ve seen concerning this game. Bruce is even talking about running!

Hexographer – very cool old school mapping program. I played with the demo the other day and cranked out an old school map in like 15 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing ‘freeform’ maps in Photoshop and certainly think they look better, but Hexographer has several advantages:

  1. As mentioned, creating a map is ridiculously quick. And it took about 5 minutes to learn how to use the program.
  2. A hex type map makes it much easier for me to visually judge distances and measure out my world, something I’ve never been good at.

I can also export my Hexographer map and add some design elements using Photoshop.

The program is very reasonable and I planned on picking it up today, but have decided to wait. I have a ton of stuff I have to get done this week and if I pick Hexographer up I know I’ll spend hours playing with it!

Picked up – really like it!

Gamma World Supplement: Famine in Far-go – I really want to do something with the new version of Gamma World someday. I was reading what was in this first supplement and have decided to pick it up.

D&D Miniatures – The deathknell of D&D miniatures didn’t affect me all that much. I’ve been getting these miniatures since Harbinger and have plenty of pre-paints to represent almost any monster. However, I’m still somewhat pathetic when it comes to these minis and there are still several I want. These are: Arcane Portal, Valenar Nomad, Mounted Paladin, Bone Naga, Sahuagin Baron, Cloaker, and the first Chimera. Also planning on picking up some of the Reaper minis.

Seventh Sea – with Bruce running this game I’d like my own copy of the core rulebook.

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