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Pies and Rats – Session #1

June 8, 2011

Date is Moonday, Solistari 02, 1281 Anno Sancti

Ernst Bauer and Arimis arrived in the town of Shrewsport on a hot summer’s afternoon. Not more than a 100ft. from the city gate, a large, chunky man wearing a yellow smock, wide-brimmed hat and pushing a pie cart noticed both men and approached them with an offer of work. He introduced himself as Mung, Gentleman Purveyor of Meat Pies. He offered 25 gold apiece (and several of his meat pies) if Ernst and Arimis were to find his friend and his best source of meaty ingredients, Algie the Ratcatcher. The two would be adventurers agreed and Mung directed them to the Ratcatcher’s Guild and its guildmaster, Newton Veldfield, to see if they could find more information on Algie.

The companions made their way to the guild headquarters where they found two men sitting in a  social hall/reception area. At a desk was a young lanky man with red hair pushing out of his leather cap. He introduced himself as Ferdigus, though his friends call him Rooster. On a stool was a grizzled old ratcather feeding a weasel. He gruffly introduced himself as Tharbin of Thardale. They also hear about a third ratcatcher, a woman named Beila, but she was not present.

When characters ask for Newton, Ferdigus goes to fetch him. After an awkward couple of minutes in the company Tharbin, a somewhat distressed Ferdigus reappeared and stated that Newton’s room appeared broken into and that the guildmaster was missing. Characters go to the room and find it in a state of disarray, the door broken open. Both Ernst and Arimis find evidence of blood on the floor, this leads down the steps to the back of the first floor where it seems to end at a trapdoor. The ratcatchers reveal that the door is used for rat disposal and leads to the sewers below. While Fedigus and Tharbin talk about leaving town, Ernst and Arimis decide to climb down the pit to the sewers below and find some sign of Newton or Algie. Unfortunately, Ernst falls and lands in the muck. Arimis has no such issues and makes it down without any problems.

Finding some signs of dragging on the slimy stone maintenance walkway, the companions set off into the ancient sewers of Shrewsport. Quickly losing the trail, they spent two hours in the sewers trying to find some clue to Newton’s or Algie’s whereabouts. Beginning too have some doubts about taking the job, both adventurers espied an old wooden door with light filtering through the slats farther down a sewer tunnel. Creeping up to the door the characters were able to look through and see a small room – possibly an old maintenance or storage room – with a separate exit covered by a moth-eaten blanket. Entering the room, they encountered a rangy human woman with matted, straw-like hair. She identified herself as Beila – the ratcatcher the companions had not yet met. Disappearing behind the blanket covered exit, Beila soon reappeared as a horrid rat-woman hybrid armed with a crossbow. Shooting at Ernst, she dropped the crossbow and attacked with her short sword. Soon her two pet rats, as big as pitbulls and just as vicious, joined the fight. Arimis threw two spells then waded in with his sword, while Ernst dueled the hideous Beila. Arimis went down, but Ernst was able to prevail, slaying the rat-thing and one of her pets. In the back room, they found a bound Newton and an old chest. In the chest were letters, blank parchment, an ink quill, a bag of coin, and a potion of healing.

The adventure continues…

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  1. June 8, 2011 7:37 pm


  2. June 8, 2011 7:55 pm

    Thanks! I need to do a better job of tracking what happens rules-wise in the game so I can link to the story. For example, when Ernst falls I need to note that you failed a Dex roll, that sort of thing. I’ll try and get these out soon after a play test. Also need to do a better job of summarizing – this first one was rather lengthy…

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