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Aspects of Fantasy – My Progress

March 22, 2011

As always, I’ve way underestimated how long this project is taking me. Not that I haven’t made a lot of progress, I have, but I still have a lot to do and I really thought I would be done by now, or at least doing the final edit. Course, it hasn’t helped that the game itself has evolved from a basic D&D game with some Fate elements, to a sort of ‘new’ D&D’ with a fair number of Fate elements and new rules. Anyway, by my reckoning here’s what I still have to do:

Magic Rules – Almost done with this. I’m trying to get clerical spellcasting more in line with arcane spellcasting. There will be differences, but I won’t have two completely different systems. (Time to complete: 5 Days) DONE
Races cleaned up – I spent a lot more time on this then I ever thought I would. The problem is – especially in the 1E game – races really aren’t balanced. In addition, there are a lot of adjustments which I think are too fiddly.  This gets cleaned up in various editions of the game, but there still a bunch of fiddly adjustments for races even in 3.5. 4E definitely changes a lot of this but, as with most changes in 4E, I think they either pulled out too much, dumbed things down too much, or just flat screwed things up (dividing up adjustments and abilities between Elves and the silly Eladrin – no thanks). I have given all races certain talents then provided a couple of optional ones – based on the race they can either take one or two of these optional talents. So Halflings would get two optional talents but elves would only get to choose one. (Time to complete: 3 Days) DONE
Clean up aspects – I have the rules in the game and have updated but, frankly, most of what is in there is taken from Spirit of the Century and their write-up is just too long. I like what Chronica Feudalis did, its aspect rules are short and concise and are backed up by examples…much better. (Time to complete: 5 Days) DONE
Complete Class Backgrounds – Still have some descriptions to write-up and some talents to clean up. (Time to complete: 5 Days)  DONE
Spells – The big task. I need to go through all of the spells out there that I downloaded from OSRIC and update, clean up, or get rid of. I will probably compare all spells to their equivalents spells in 3.5 and update or change. I think 3.5 cleaned up a lot of spells fr0m 1E and 2E. Also will add a couple of spells from Shades. (Time to complete: 30 Days) DONE
– I want to put comments throughout talking about why certain rules have been changed, as well as dispensing advice, suggesting rules options, etc. (Time to complete: 10 days)
Adventure write-up – I want to include an adventure in Aspects plus I will be running an adventure at GenCon, so this will be it. (Time to complete: 10 days)
Monsters – I’ll include around 30-40 initially, a mix of traditional and new. (Time to Complete: 14 days)
Clean Up –  Read through and clean up, plus the placing of graphics. (Time to Complete:  14 days)
Index – My pet peeve with many games, I will have an index. (Time to Complete: 3 days)
Place in Adobe InDesign – This is a nice to have. Word is simply not a desktop publishing tool like InDesign. However, it would take me awhile to get up to speed with this program and get it to do what I want. We’ll see.

Hmmm, by my count that’s 89 days plus an extra 2-3 weeks if I port it to InDesign. We’ll see…

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  1. March 24, 2011 3:10 pm

    You are organized!

    Have you thought about playtesting with the group?

  2. March 24, 2011 3:53 pm

    I have to be organized or I simply don’t focus. I become something of a rules ferret.

    I will definitely be playtesting with the group – maybe in June? I was thinking about having everyone roll up characters on April 2nd but I need to have a couple more things done for that to happen (character backgrounds finished, character races finished). You bring up a point though, I probably should focus on getting things done for a playtest, then getting things actually done. For example, I don’t need to have all of the spells ready for a playtest, just the first and second rank spells.

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